What is narrative podcasting?


Halfway Home Media specializes in a production style that we like to call Narrative Podcasting.

Narrative Podcasting is a documentary style audio format that focuses on telling a story, rather than airing a cut-and-dry interview or monologue from the host.

The most popular podcasts and radio shows in the world have been telling stories this way, and with great success.

Shows like Serial, StartUp and Radiolab have changed the way that people are digesting audio content. 

This type of production style requires a great deal of time investment (and it isn't for everybody) but we believe that the podcasters that embrace Narrative Podcasting will see immeasurable benefits.

The audiences that listen to narrative podcasts are frequently the most dedicated and engaged.

Advertisers are drawn to podcasts that use this format, and have seen much more success with the ads that they place.

If you believe that Narrative Podcasting could work for you, please reach out to us for a free consultation.